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YPD + Humans of St. Louis Reframe Your Perspective

Reframe Your Perspective

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Join us for an interactive evening & dinner to learn about diversity & inclusion with HOSTL Co-Founder Lindy Drew, and walk away with a new lens of the world. Together, we will recognize our assumptions and reframe our perspective.


Program Schedule

5:45 pm  Shmooze/Welcome
6 pm  Intro Activity & Presentation
6:45 pm  Brief Group Discussion
7 pm  Break into pairs to “HOSTL” each other
7:20 pm  Share

Register here. Spots are limited!

Dinner will be served; dietary laws observed. This event will take place at the Kaplan Feldman Complex (12 Millstone Campus Drive, 63146).

What is Humans of St. Louis? It is a non-profit that shares intimate first-person stories and photographic portraits throughout St. Louis, and the second-most-popular “Humans of” after Humans of New York.

Contact Becca Near for more information at or 314-442-3879.