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A Zoom Lunch and Learn with Dr. Elai Rettig

Dr. Elai Rettig is the Israel Institute Teaching Fellow in Israeli and Environmental Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. In this four-part series, Professor Rettig will explore the history of Israel’s foreign policy relationship with the US, including the role that diaspora Jewish communities play in Israel’s foreign policy and Israel’s changing role in the Middle East with the recent UAE agreement.

Each session is from noon to 1 pm. Cost for the series is $36. Free for college students; must provide school name and student ID upon registration.


October 12  – Israel’s “Special Relationship” with the US

Reviewing the history of US-Israel relationship from an Israeli perspective shows that US foreign policy toward Israel doesn’t seem to follow the red-blue divide. We examine the underlying interests that maintain this “special” relationship and what could change it.

October 19 – “Finding a Warm Jew” – Israel’s Use of the Jewish Diaspora as a Foreign Policy Tool

The Israeli government views the US Jewish community as its “only trusted ally” in the international system. We will discuss what is unique (and what isn’t so unique) about Israel’s strategic use of its diaspora as a foreign policy tool.

November 16 – Israel in a New Middle East?

How is Israel’s role changing in the region following the new agreement with the UAE, and what does this mean for the Palestinians.

November 23 – A Quest for Peace?

What’s going to happen with the Trump Peace Plan, where does it stand in comparison with the previous plans, and what paradigms are slowly being broken with regards to how peace is made in the Middle East?