Organizational Capacity Workshop Series

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February 24: The Collaboration Continuum
March 17: Financial Resource Development: Making the Ask and Donor Stewardship
April 7: Lay/Professional Relationships and Communication
All sessions will be held from noon to 1:15 pm.

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Join the Millstone Institute and Community Impact department of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis for a series of workshops guided by nationally known leadership coach Nanette Fridman, focused on improving organizational capacity. The series for professional leadership and board members will focus on strategies for your organization to increase collaboration, communication, fundraising, and engagement. These workshops are offered in response to the findings of Federation’s recent needs assessment of Jewish community-wide organizational capacity.

February 24: The Collaboration Continuum
Is your nonprofit thinking about collaborating? Explore the range of collaborative options that exist from strategic alliances to mergers and everything in between. Discuss the tensions inherent in collaborating and look at factors for success. Learn how to assess readiness to collaborate and how to evaluate potential partners. In addition, we will review key planning steps for collaboration as well as formulate important questions for further exploration.

March 17: Financial Resource Development: Making the Ask and Donor Stewardship
Are your staff, board, and development committee comfortable asking for the philanthropic support? Come learn step-by-step how to make the ask and practice role playing both as a donor and a solicitor in this interactive session. We will also discuss the imperative of donor stewardship, now more than ever.

April 7: Volunteer/Professional Relationships and Communication
How can we foster productive communication and strong working relationships between volunteers and professionals? Come discuss the key elements of successful volunteer and professional partnerships. We will outline the relationship stages and considerations for setting (or re-setting) expectations. Together we will share challenges and brainstorm solutions.

About Nanette
Nanette Fridman is a catalyst for values-driven organizations and leaders. She founded Fridman Strategies, Inc., in 2006 to help leaders advance their missions and maximize their impact. Nanette works with clients across North America from small start-up organizations to large international organizations to plan for success and solve challenges. Her practice focuses on strategic planning, governance and board development, financial resource development, coaching, and mentoring. Nanette has previously consulted for various Jewish organizations in St. Louis and looks forward to working with more of the community! To learn more about Nanette, visit

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Craig Rosenthal, Chair, Community Impact
Tim Stern, Chair, Assessment and Planning Subcommittee
Rob Wasserman, Co-chair, Assessment and Planning Subcommittee

Marci Mayer Eisen, Director, Millstone Institute/JProStl
Nava Kantor, Manager, Community Assessment & Planning
Mindee Fredman, Vice President, Community Impact

Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Greg Yawitz, Chair of the Board
Brian Herstig, President & CEO