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Get Organized – Stay Organized with JProStl

A JProStl training for staff who work in Jewish nonprofits throughout the St. Louis community

With Penny Bryant Catterall, Owner and Founder of Order Your Life, LLC

Choice of two times:
Tuesday, October 12, from 10-11:30 am
Wednesday, October 13, from 1-2:30 pm

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Learn how to be organized at work, at home, and when you work both in the office and from home.

Explore techniques to declutter, go paperless, and organize your emails and digital files. Learn how to increase your energy and decrease inefficiencies by staying focused, improving workflow, and avoiding multi-tasking.


About Penny

Penny Bryant Catterall is the Owner and Founder of Order Your Life, LLC. As the daughter of a US diplomat growing up in Africa and Asia with frequent family moves, she got an early start on the social and organizing skills she relies on today in her work. After 25 years in careers in banking, public relations and non-profit advocacy, she found her calling in 2009 by helping friends, family, and now clients organize their work and personal lives. Since then, she has grown her business to include digital organizing, money management, and downsizing. Penny loves to spend time organizing her computer files, clearing out her email inbox, and teaching others those skills.



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