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Society’s Mission

To strengthen relationships among Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners and advisors, insurance brokers, investment consultants, wealth management advisors and others in financial services in St. Louis through education and leadership, while working together to enhance the quality of Jewish life now and in perpetuity in St. Louis and throughout the world.

Society Objectives

  • To support the activities of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and contribute financial resources, assisting to maximize Federation gifts from Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners, insurance brokers and others in financial services, preserving and enhancing Jewish life in St. Louis and around the world.
  • To develop a sense of camaraderie among Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners, insurance brokers and others in financial services within the context of the organized Jewish community. This would also provide a mechanism for welcoming new Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners, insurance brokers and others in financial services into the community.
  • To foster and develop leadership roles for Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners, insurance brokers and others in financial services within the organized Jewish community.
  • Represent the Jewish Community Foundation throughout the greater community, as well as appropriately identify, cultivate and steward potential Foundation donors.
  • To serve as a forum for financial issues from a Jewish perspective and as a resource for the Jewish and general communities.
  • To strengthen our commitment to Jewish values, traditions and our professions through educational and cultural programs and activities.

Join us…

Become a member of the Montefiore Society. For more information, contact Lynn Freedman at 314-442-3778 or

Sir Moses Montefiore

Montefiore (1784-1885) was brought up in London, first apprenticed to a firm of grocers and tea merchants, he left to become one of the 12 “Jew brokers” in the City of London. In 1812, Montefiore married Judith Cohen, which made him Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s brother-in-law and stockbroker. He retired from business in 1824 and devoted his time and resources to community and civic affairs.

His early activities on behalf of the Jews in Israel included a plan to acquire land to help Jews become self-sufficient, as well as attempting to bring industry to the country by introducing a printing press and a textile factory. He inspired the founding of several agricultural settlements as well as Yemin Moshe outside of Jerusalem’s Old City which was named after him.

Montefiore was Sheriff of London, 1837-1838, knighted by Queen Victoria, and received a baronetcy in 1846 in recognition of his humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Jews. Sir Moses Montefiore received an appropriately high honor when he celebrated his 100th birthday as a public holiday in Jewish communities around the world as a sign of community affection and respect.

Membership Levels

A minimum gift of $1,800 to the Annual Campaign is required.


  • Student: $36
  • Under 30: $500
  • Ages 31-45: $1,000
  • Over 45: $1,800

Montefiore Members

Mrs. Judy Abrams
Mr. David Aronson
Mr. Rob Aronson
Mr. Jay Baumohl
Mrs. Diana Baumohl
Mr. Jonathan Becker
Mrs. Gina Bernstein
Mrs. Anna Reby Bertman
Mr. Robert Bertman
Mr. Daniel Bindler
Mr. John Brandvein
Mr. Harvey Brown
Mr. Steven Brown
Mr. Todd Cohen
Mr. Jim Deutsch
Mr. John Dubinsky
Mr. David Eidelman
Mr. Tom Eidelman
Mr. Don Esstman
Mr. Mark Feldman
Mr. Michael Ferman
Mr. Richard Fisher
Mr. Fred Flegel
Mr. Richard Flom
Mr. J J Flotken
Mr. Paul Flotken
Mr. Zev Fredman
Mr. Barry Friedman
Mr. Paul Gallant
Mr. Robert Gellman
Mrs. Wendy Gellman
Mr. Edward Goldberg
Mr. Michael Goldberg
Mr. Oscar Goldberg
Mr. Paul Goldberg
Mr. Alfred Goldman
Mr. Louis Goldring
Mr. Sam Goldstein
Mr. Jim Goralnik
Mr. Steven Gorin
Mr. Randall Green
Mr. Richard Halpern
Mr. Sheldon Harber
Mr. Ted Isaacs
Mrs. Judith Isaacs
Mr. John Kalishman
Mr. Michael Karasick
Mr. David Kaslow
Mr. Kenneth Katzif
Mr. Richard Kraner
Mr. Seymour Krout
Mr. David Langsam
Mr. Ken Lester
Mr. Richard Levey
Mr. Mont S. Levy
Mrs. Joy Liss
Mr. William Livingston
Mr. Robert Medow
Mr. Rob Millner
Mr. Donald Mitchell
Mr. Marvin Moskowitz
Mr. Marshall Myers
Mr. Michael Neidorff
Mr. Steven Newstead
Mr. Andrew Oberman
Mr. Martin Oberman
Mr. Gerald Padawer
Mr. Leslie Perlmutter
Mr. Sanford Poger
Mr. Brian Pultman
Mr. Paul Putzel
Mr. Richard Rosenthal
Mr. Robert Rosenthal
Mr. Kenneth Rubin
Mr. Andrew Sabin
Mr. Harvey Saligman
Mr. Jay Sarver
Mr. Alan Schaffer
Mr. Robert Scharff
Mr. Joel Schraier
Mr. Arthur Seltzer
Mr. Stephen Singer
Mrs. Danielle Singer
Mr. Leslie Small
Mr. David Smith
Mr. Matt Smith
Mrs. Karen Smoller
Mr. Bradley Snitzer
Mr. Danny Soshnik
Mr. David Soshnik
Mr. Jeff Sparks
Mr. Cory Spielberg
Mr. Sanford Spitzer
Mr. Scott Stern
Mrs. Nicky Stern
Mr. Walter Stern
Mr. Larry Swedroe
Mr. Gerald Tessler
Mr. Michael Tessler
Mr. Stan Towerman
Mr. Neil Tzinberg
Mr. Harvey Wallace
Mr. Josh Wallach
Mr. Henry Warshaw
Mrs. Sherri Frank Weintrop
Mr. Arthur Weiss
Ms. Miriam Wilhelm
Mr. Dennis Zaretsky
Mr. Stanley Zerman
Mr. Martin Zigler
Mr. Stuart Zimmerman