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Society Mission

The Mission of the Maimonides Society is to promote fellowship among Jewish physicians, dentists and health care professionals at the doctorate level (henceforth referred to as doctors) in St. Louis, and support Jewish causes in the local community and around the world.

Society Objectives

  • Develop a sense of camaraderie among local Jewish doctors within the context of the organized Jewish community. This also would provide a mechanism for welcoming new Jewish doctors to the community.
  • Strengthen our commitment to Jewish values and traditions through educational and cultural programs and activities.
  • Foster the development of leadership roles for Jewish doctors within the organized Jewish community of St. Louis.
  • Serve as a forum for medical issues from a Jewish perspective and as a resource for the Jewish and general communities.
  • Provide continuing medical and dental education.
  • Support the activities of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and to assist in increasing revenues from Jewish doctors to preserve and enhance Jewish life through annual gifts to the Campaign of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Join Us…

Become a member of the Maimonides Society. For more information, contact Lynn Freedman at 314-442-3778 or

Moses Maimonides

For many, Maimonides, the 12th century Jewish physician, philosopher and Torah scholar, personifies the Jewish Renaissance man. His concern for the welfare of others, belief in the importance of every Jew giving tzedakah, and his compassion as a healer embody the values and goals of the Maimonides Society.


Membership Levels

A minimum gift of $1,800 to the Annual Campaign is required.


  • Student: $36
  • Resident: $360
  • 45 and under: $1,000
  • Over 45: $1,800

Maimonides Society Members

Chair: Dr. Pearl Serota

Dr. Marc Abrams
Dr. Barry Abramson
Dr. Frank Anderson
Dr. Arthur Auer
Dr. Stephen Bell
Dr. Martin Bergmann
Dr. Michael Bernstein
Dr. Richard Bernstein
Dr. Eldad Bialecki
Dr. Stanley Biel
Dr. Elisa Birnbaum
Dr. Kevin Blinder
Dr. Gordon Bloomberg
Dr. Donald Blum
Dr. James Bobrow
Dr. Nanci Bobrow
Dr. Isaac Boniuk
Dr. Matthew Bosner
Dr. Steve Brody
Dr. Harvey Cantor
Dr. David Caplin
Dr. Ronald Chod
Dr. Steven Chod
Dr. Daniel Cohen
Dr. Darryl Cohen
Dr. Edward Cohen
Dr. Robert Cohen
Dr. Jack Croughan
Dr. David Curiel
Dr. Rand Dankner
Dr. Sheldon Davis
Dr. Stephen Davis
Dr. Norman Druck
Dr. Arthur Eisen
Dr. Alysa Ellis
Dr. William Feinstein
Dr. Mark Feldman
Dr. Norman Fishman
Dr. Shanon Forseter
Dr. Bruce Frank
Dr. Victoria Fraser
Dr. Ira Gall
Dr. Harry Glassman
Dr. David Goldmeier
Dr. M. Grand
Dr. Morton Green
Dr. George Grossberg
Dr. Brenda Grossman
Dr. Jacques Herzog
Dr. Mark Hoffman
Dr. Abby Hollander
Dr. Craig Hollander
Dr. George Hruza
Dr. Laura Hulbert
Dr. Myron Jacobs
Dr. Morris Joftus
Dr. Scott Kaar
Dr. David Kantor
Dr. Richard Katz
Dr. David Katzman
Dr. David Kipnis
Dr. Lynne Kipnis
Dr. Robert Kleiger
Dr. Robert Kopitsky
Dr. Shelby Kopp
Dr. Phillip Korenblat
Dr. Robert Kramer
Dr. Steven Lauter
Dr. Robert Lefton
Dr. Harvey Lehrer
Dr. Philip Levens
Dr. Alan Levi
Dr. Steven Levitt
Dr. Beth Levy
Dr. Joseph Levy
Dr. Ronald Levy
Dr. David Lieberman
Dr. Jay Liss
Dr. David Lotsoff
Dr. Alan Lyss
Dr. Carl Lyss
Dr. David Margolis
Dr. Stanley Margul
Dr. Gerald Medoff
Dr. Ben Milder
Dr. Steve Miller
Dr. Stanley Misler
Missouri Professionals Mutual
Dr. Eva Moses
Dr. Neal Neuman
Dr. Rosalind Neuman
Dr. Mark Novack
Dr. Samuel Nussbaum
Dr. Rachel Oiknine
Dr. Jay Padratzik
Dr. William Peck
Dr. Jay Pepose
Dr. David Pernikoff
Dr. Michael Polinsky
Dr. Jonathan Pollack
Dr. David Raskas
Dr. Gary Ratkin
Dr. Craig Reiss
Dr. Jackie Reiss
Dr. Lisa Ring
Dr. Jonathan Root
Dr. Jack Rosen
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum
Dr. Bill Rosenfeld
Dr. Susan Rosenfeld
Dr. Robert Rothbaum
Dr. Steven Rothman
Dr. Marcos Rothstein
Dr. Barry Samson
Dr. Lawrence Samuels
Dr. Irwin Schultz
Dr. Robert Senior
Dr. Pearl Serota
Dr. Jonathan Shanker
Dr. David Sheinbein
Dr. Joseph Shuman
Dr. Robert Shuman
Dr. Sherry Shuman
Dr. Barry Singer
Dr. Gary Singer
Dr. Susan Singer
Dr. Richard Sisson
Dr. Eduardo Slatopolsky
Dr. Jeffrey Small
Dr. Jennifer Smith
Dr. Stacey Smith
Dr. Marcia Sokol-Anderson
Dr. Jacob Sosna
Dr. Paul Stein
Dr. Rosalie Sterneck
Mrs. Lauren Teitelbaum
Dr. Gary Traub
Dr. Garry Vickar
Dr. G. Ram Volotzky
Dr. Mark Wald
Dr. Gary Wasserman
Dr. Barry Israel Witten
Dr. Carolynn Wolff
Dr. June Wolff
Dr. Alan Zajarias
Dr. Israel Zighelboim
Dr. Deborah Zimmerman