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Society’s Mission

The Mission of the Cardozo Society is to strengthen relationships among Jewish attorneys, judges and law students in St. Louis through education and leadership, while working together to enhance the quality of Jewish life in St. Louis and throughout the world.

Cardozo Society programming will integrate legal and religious concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish community at large.

Our members are encouraged to take an active role in the work of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) through participation in the many efforts of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.

Founding co-chairs & members, giving levels listed below.

Society Objectives

  • To support the activities of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and contribute financial resources to assist in maximizing Federation gifts from Jewish attorneys, preserving and enhancing Jewish life in St. Louis.
  • To develop a sense of camaraderie among local Jewish attorneys within the context of the organized Jewish community.
  • To provide a mechanism for welcoming new Jewish attorneys and law students into the community To serve as a forum for legal issues from a Jewish perspective and as a resource for the Jewish and general communities.
  • To strengthen our commitment to Jewish values and traditions through educational and cultural programs and activities.
  • To foster the development of leadership roles for Jewish attorneys, judges and law students within the organized Jewish community.

Join us…

Become a member of the Cardozo Society. For more information, contact Lynn Freedman at 314-442-3778 or

Benjamin Cardozo

Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, born in 1870 into one of America’s oldest and most distinguished New York Sephardic Jewish families, was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1932 by President Herbert Hoover. He was a Supreme Court justice until his death in 1938 and was the second Jew, after Louis D. Brandeis, to serve on the nation’s highest court. Previously, Cardozo was a judge on the New York State Supreme Court and a Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. He attended Columbia University Law School and quickly distinguished himself as a commercial law litigator and powerful orator.

Shaped by his Sephardic heritage, Cardozo identified as a proud Jew and active member of the Jewish community. Cardozo’s legal brilliance and deep humanitarian concerns had a profound impact on legal doctrine and practice .

Cardozo brought honor to the United States and to the Jewish people and is considered to be one of the best legal minds in American history.

Membership Levels

A minimum gift of $1,800 to the Annual Campaign is required.


  • Student: $36
  • Under 30: $500
  • Ages 31-45: $1,000
  • Over 45: $1,800

Cardozo Members

Mr. Zach Abeles
Mr. Richard Abrams
Mr. Jon Baris
Mrs. Melissa Baris
Ms. Lisa Graivier Barnes
Mr. Douglas Baron
Mrs. Lisa Baron
Mr. Harold Blatt
Mr. David Bohm
Mr. Alan Bornstein
Mr. Sanford Boxerman
Mr. Lawrence Brody
Mr. Melvin Brown
Mr. Charles Burson
Mr. David Capes
Ms. Susan Carlson
Mr. Edward Chod
Mrs. Lauren Cohen
Mr. Dave Cornfeld
Mr. Richard Cornfeld
Mr. Robert Denlow
Mrs. Betsy Dennis
Mr. Joel Dennis
Mr. Richard Eisen
Mr. Charles Elbert
Mr. Gary Feder
Mr. Leonard Frankel
Mr. Herbert Fredman
Mr. Burt Garland
Mrs. Catherine Gidlow
Mr. Andy Glaser
Mr. Sanford Goffstein
Mr. Thomas Goldenberg
Mr. Joel Goldstein
Mr. Marc Goldstein
Mr. Steven Gorin
Mr. Thomas Green
Ms. Sheila Greenbaum
Mr. Gerald Greiman
Mr. Sidney Grossman
Mrs. Bethe Growe
Mr. Gary Growe
Mr. Harvey Harris
Mr. Steven Hochberg
Mr. Craig Hoovler
Mr. Benjamin Hulsey
Mr. Michael Kahn
Mr. Ralph Kalish
Ms. Laura Kipnis
Mr. Kenneth Kleban
Ms. Sarah Kovenock
Mr. Richard Kraner
Mrs. Lisa Kraner
Mr. Jerome Kraus
Mr. David Krauss
Mrs. Jacqueline Levey
Mr. James Levey
Mrs. Karen Levy
Ms. Maxine Lipeles
Mr. R. Michael Lowenbaum
Mrs. Melissa Merlin
Mr. Rob Merlin
Mr. Alan Nemes
Mr. Raphael Nemes
Mr. Sanford Neuman
Mr. George Newman
Mr. Michael Newmark
Mrs. Kara Newmark
Mr. Robert Newmark
Mr. Michael Oberlander
Mrs. Heather Padratzik
Mr. Phillip James Paster
Mr. Joe Pereles
Mr. Gerald Poger
Mr. Sanford Pomerantz
Mr. Maury Poscover
Mr. Jerome Raskas
Ms. Ruth Raskas
Mr. Jacob Reby
Mrs. Linda Renner
Mr. Samuel Riezman
Mr. Jeffrey Rosenblum
Mr. Craig Rosenthal
Mr. Richard Rosenthal
Mr. Stephen Rovak
Mr. Stanley Schechter
Mr. Harvey Schneider
Mrs. Hillary Schumaker
Mr. Daniel Schwartz
Mr. Don Sherman
Mr. Edwin Shifrin
Sarah Siegel
Mrs. Christy Singer
Mr. Jeffrey Singer
Ms. Miriam Rogers Singer
Mr. Stephen Skrainka
Ms. Jennifer Growe Soshnik
Mr. Henry Stern
Mr. Sidney Stone
Mr. Mark Temkin
Mr. Simon Tonkin
Mr. Benjamin Uchitelle
Mr. John Wallach
Mr. Daniel White
Mr. Bradley Winters
Mrs. Jill Winters
Mr. Alan Witte
Ms. Wendy Wolf
Mr. Alvin Wolff
Mr. Stephen Wolff
Mr. Isaac Young
Mr. Gerald Zafft
Mr. Stuart Zimbalist