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Holocaust education and diversity training is available to Missouri middle and high school teachers through the Rubin and Gloria Feldman Education Outreach Program.

The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center is offering a series of half-day and full day workshops for teachers of history, English, social studies and other appropriate fields. These workshops are free of charge. Diversity trainings have been held from the Ozarks to St. Joseph, MO.

The Holocaust teaches important lessons for today: the dangers of indifference, importance of prejudice reduction, combating discrimination and promoting diversity.

For more information about these workshops contact Dan Reich at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center (314) 432-0020.

Holocaust Workshop Topics Include:

  • a brief history of the Holocaust
  • testimonies of Holocaust survivors currently living in St. Louis
  • the nature of prejudice and tactics to combat it
  • how propaganda is used to teach hate and influence public opinion
  • racism and hate groups in the United States and Europe today
  • the dangers of indifference and the”bystander” mentality

You Will Receive Material And Information To Create Your Own Holocaust Curriculum:

  • primary source documents from the Holocaust period
  • handouts on effective teaching techniques, and guidance in developing critical thinking
  • practical lesson plans and suggested interactive activities
  • information on HMLC’s portable “Education Trunks” that contain texts, videos, posters, maps and curriculum guides for use in middle school and high school classrooms

Workshops are designed to meet the Missouri standards as mandated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). CEUs are available.

Director of the Rural Missouri Workshop Project

  • Richard Kalfus, Ph.D., Formerly Humanities Chair of St. Louis Community College-Meramec; author and Holocaust educator; recipient of the Community College National Humanities Educator of the year

Workshop Co-Director

  • Daniel Reich, Curator and Education Director of the HMLC

Workshop facilitators

  • David Oughton, Ph.D., Holocaust educator: Mandel Fellow.
    U.S. Holocaust Museum, 1998
  • Lolle Boettcher, Holocaust educator; Mandel Fellow,
    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1996
  • Dana Humphrey, Holocaust educator; Mandel Fellow,
    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2000
  • Robert J. Hutcheson, Holocaust educator;Mandel Fellow,
    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2004

To schedule a workshop or for more information, call Director of Education Dan Reich at 314-442-3714.


Rubin and Gloria Feldman Education Outreach Program

This program has the potential to reach thousands of students throughout the state. We train approximately 80 educators each year. If you multiply that by the number of students in each class over a period of time, it all adds up rather quickly.

HMLC sees real growth and opportunity for the program in the Southern Illinois school districts since the state legislature passed a law requiring the history and lessons of the Holocaust be a permanent part of the school curriculum for junior and senior high students.

In addition to Mrs. Feldman’s gift, HMLC would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Carol and Peter Winston who made a significant contribution to the program for the purchase of educational materials, in honor of Peter’s sister, Vera W. Propp. Ms. Propp, an educator, penned a book, When the Soldiers Were Gone, that HMLC uses in teaching Holocaust curriculum to students of middle school age.