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We had a lot of fun things this week!

On Thursday night I was invited to a Hanukkah dinner at the Kress family from United Hebrew. We talked about Israel, Hanukkah, played some games and lit the candles together. It was so nice to meet them and great spending time with them.

On Friday morning there was a Hanukkah party at Bnai Amoona’s early childhood center. We made some crafts together and it was fun! Later that day at United Hebrew there was a fundraiser event for Camp Rainbow, a special service for Hanukkah and the 7th graders had an activity with me about Hanukkah in Israel: we played Trivia and talked about the differences between Hanukkah in the US vs. Hanukkah in Israel.

On Sunday, at Bnai Amoona’s Sunday School, we learned new things about the Hanukia (Menorah) and Hanukkah in Israel in general. After that, there was an activity for 6th, 7th and 8th graders from United Hebrew, Shaare Emeth and Temple Israel. I had the opportunity to meet the kids from my congregation as well as kids from other congregations I don’t usually work with. We played some games together and just hung out – it was so nice to meet everyone! Later on, there was a congregational dinner at Bnai Amoona, we lit up the last candle together, ate some good food and played Bingo!

On Tuesday and Thursday at the ECC of Bnai Amoona and at United Hebrew we talked about our body parts in Hebrew! We learned how to say them in Hebrew, we learned a new song and also a fun dance!

We had a USY meeting on Wednesday evening in which we did a Mystery Program and it was very nice to hang out with everyone and see them.

This week was full of new experiences, learning new things, seeing everyone and lots of Sufganiyot and Levivot!

Have a nice weekend!