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Jewish Federation of St. Louis and AISH HaTorah of St. Louis announced today 37 women that will be traveling to Israel as part of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) St. Louis Women’s Mission. JWRP was established in 2008 by eight diverse women in the Washington D.C. area who saw a deep need to create an inspiring values driven trip to Israel that will empower women to change the world.

This is AISH’s 7th year bringing women on this trip and the first year for the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, thanks to the generosity of the Staenberg Family Foundation. This inaugural partnership trip allows the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and AISH the opportunity to bring women together to experience Israel with a focus on learning, leading and community. Through the JWRP Israel curriculum, they will learn Jewish values that elevate their leadership.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis and AISH St. Louis will be bringing the following women to Israel July 11 – 20, 2016:

  • Denise Apprill
  • Gina Bernstein
  • Laurie Berwald
  • Marcie Brook
  • Julie Flom
  • Robin Fox
  • Abby Goldstein
  • Lisa Goodman
  • Debbi Grebler
  • Mindy Grossman
  • Beth Higdon
  • Allison Izsak (madricha)
  • Amy Kanfer
  • Debra Klevens
  • Jill Mannis (madricha)
  • Sherri Meyers
  • Carolyn Morris
  • Michelle Nobbe
  • Joyce Opinsky
  • Jennifer Pines
  • Debbie Polinsky
  • Lynne Prywitch
  • Michelle Rubin
  • Caryn Rudman
  • Debora Sartori
  • Pearl Serota
  • Lori Sheinbein
  • MaryAnne Smyly Sabin
  • Tracy Speller (madricha)
  • Pam Super
  • Stacey Wallach
  • Lisa Weiss
  • Jenny Wolkowitz
  • Julie Gibbs and Karen Sher (staff)
  • Mimi David and Pirchie Greenspon (staff)

JWRP has partners all across North America including Jewish Federations. Since 2009, the organization has sent over 5,600 participants from 126 partner organizations in 17 countries on highly subsidized trips to Israel. The inspiring Israel experience incorporates deep Jewish learning, unique on the ground experiences and a bond with other women all committed to creating and sustaining a strong vibrant Jewish community.